Tower to Town

At 7,000+ vertical feet of shuttle-fed descending, Tower to Town is one of the Longest Mountain Bike Descents in North America

Tower to Town Mountain Top

From the very top of the Sierra Buttes at 8,591 feet elevation on the Sierra Buttes Overlook Trail, the Downieville Downhill now boasts 7,000 vertical feet of descent to Downieville, dubbed the “Tower 2 Town”, one of the longest descents in North America. Not only is the Sierra Buttes Overlook Trail a technically challenging and fun singletrack descent, but it also offers breathtaking views of Lower and Upper Sardine Lakes as well as cliffside views of Young America Lake.

Official Tower to Town Route:

Sierra Buttes Overlook Trail
--> Gold Valley Rim
--> Pauly Creek
--> Big Boulder
--> Third Divide
--> First Divide
--> Town of Downieville
25.5 miles, 3100ft climbing, 7000+ft. glorious descending.

Tower to Town is an epic adventure on the Sierra Crest. Bring lots of water, food, and supplies (extra tubes!) It's a big ride that is remote, with no phone service. Use the buddy system, stay safe and have fun!

Check out the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship #DirtMagic and how the Tower to Town came to fruition. ...and those views! The views from the tower are worth the effort.

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