Downieville Trail Conditions and Information

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Summer 2021

September 16, 2021
Forests have re-opened!

September 2, 2021
Forests are closed due to fire danger, and limited rescue support. Please stay out of the forests.

August 1, 2021
No fire and no smoke in the Downieville region. Come and get it!

Spring 2021

June 30th
All trails open!

May 26th
Downieville Downhill:
- Snow on Sunrise Trail keeping it closed
- Pack Saddle Flow Trail open from top to midpoint, then drifts below. Best to ride to midpoint, take the short singletrack that connects back to the road, ride the road for 1/4 mile then back onto the Butcher Ranch singletrack on the right.
- Butcher Ranch singletrack and OHV road - open with some drifts to just below The Gorge that are melting fast, otherwise wide open and in excellent shape
- First, Second and Third Divide - wide open and grippy conditions with rain over last weekend

Pauley Creek:
- Unknown but likely drifts and a few downed trees

Gold Valley Rim Trail:
- Unknown but likely drifts and a few downed trees

Big Boulder
- Unknown but likely drifts and a few downed trees

Mills Peak Trail:
- Road to the lookout tower is open and snow free
- One tree down about 1/4 way from the top but otherwise in perfect shape

Lakes Basin:
- Still a fair amount of snow in the Basin
- Will be a few more weeks before Mount Elwell and others are open
- Lower trails open but not logged out yet so downed trees may exist


May 24th, 2021
We got some snow last week, but it melting off fast and soon to be gone. The moisture is welcome creating hero dirt! Still a few drifts and Sunrise is still under snow, but it should melt off within the next week or two.

May 14th, 2021
Packer Saddle is open from the top! There are snow drifts and Sunrise is still under snow.

April 27th
Snow is melting fast. 3rd Divide is amazing right now. Snow on Packer Saddle. Packer Saddle might be open Mid-May with the low snow depth.

April 16th
3rd Divide is open and you can go 1 mile up Big Boulder as well.

April 7th
On Second Divide Trail in the Downieville system, our crew has already cleared over 30 fallen trees and continues to get Second Divide ready for sweet single-track action.

March 29th, 2021
Clearing and maintaining Halls Ranch, running good.

March 4th, 2021
On Thursday the 4th we spent a day in Downieville doing log out on North Yuba, Halls Ranch and Fiddle Creek Ridge. There were only a handful of down trees on Halls and Fiddle but we cleared about 40 trees off of North Yuba between Downieville and Indian Valley. Most of the trails were clear of snow to around 4500 feet but today there is about 6 inches of new snow at my house in Quincy. 

Downieville Area Trails:

Sunrise - 1.9 miles - OPEN

Gold Valley Rim Trail - OPEN

Butcher Ranch - 4.0 miles - OPEN

Pauley Creek - 3.5 miles - OPEN

Big Boulder - 3.2 miles - OPEN

Third Divide- 2.8 miles - OPEN

Second Divide - 6.1 miles - OPEN

First Divide - 3.4 miles - OPEN

North Yuba -15.8 miles - OPEN! We fixed the slide!

Downie River - 3.5 miles - OPEN

Herkimer Mine/Bunker Hill - 2.7 miles OPEN

Rattlesnake Creek - 3.2 miles OPEN

Lavezzola Creek - 5.1 miles OPEN

Fiddle Creek Ridge - 6.0 miles - OPEN

Halls Ranch - 5.0 miles - OPEN

Chimney Rock - 4.8 miles - OPEN

Empire Creek - 2.5 miles - OPEN

Graeagle/Lakes Basin Trails:

Mills Peak - OPEN

Tamarack - OPEN

Upper Salmon - OPEN

Sierra Buttes - OPEN

Sardine Lake Overlook - OPEN

Oakland Pond - OPEN

Mt. Elwell - OPEN

Round Lake - OPEN

Bear Lakes Loop - OPEN

Grassy Lake Trail - OPEN

Long Lake - OPEN

Gray Eagle Creek - OPEN

Smith Creek - OPEN

Jamison - OPEN

Surrounding Area Trails:

Bullards Bar

Forest City


Trail Work

Every year we clear, log out and repair the trails we love so much. The Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship trail crew goes through the trails top to bottom with the focus of eliminating braking bumps and rain ruts. We put dirt back in the trail where water and or traffic has moved it. This work involves pick, shovel, McLeod, Pulaski and compaction by hand and with a plate compactor.

3rd Divide Before

3rd Divide After

1st Divide Before

1st Divide After

Big Boulder Before

Big Boulder After


Yuba Expeditions Builds and Maintains These Trails

Yuba Expeditions is owned and managed by Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship. The proceeds from Yuba Expeditions go directly back into building and maintaining these trails. By taking our shuttle, or purchasing product from the shop, you are supporting the trails we all enjoy.

These trails are maintained by the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship in partnership with the Forest Service and other volunteer trail groups. Many of these trails are maintained as part of the  Adopt-a-Trail Program administered and organized through the Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship. The trail adoption program ensures that each individual trail receive regular maintenance and upkeep, each season.

The Stewardship also hosts monthly Trail Daze volunteer work days, these work days account for more than 30,000 volunteer labor hours on historic, multiple-use, and motorized multiple-use trails. If you enjoy riding high country trails in the Sierra Buttes region, then join us; as a volunteer, as a member, as a steward.

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