Shuttle and Bike Rental Reservations

Individual shuttle reservations for Downieville and Mt. Hough and bike rentals below.

Or reserve an entire shuttle van and ride awesome new-to-you trails.
If you would like to reserve an entire shuttle van, call the shop in Downieville (530) 289-3010 or Quincy 530.283.2426. The cost is $1,200 and can accommodate up to 8 riders. With a full shuttle reservation, we can take you to Mills Peak, Chimney Rock, Empire Creek and other trails not on the traditional shuttle runs.

There is also another way to get into the high Sierra...
We have Santa Cruz Heckler e-bike demos ready for adventures straight from the shop. Check Out How It Works Reserve a Santa Cruz eBike below!

See Downieville and Mt. Hough trail conditions to know what is happening in the high country. Or follow our Facebook or Instagram feeds to get trail conditions directly from us.


  • Masks will be required indoors and in shuttle vans.
  • Shuttles are currently available Friday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday. 
  • We are booking shuttles only two weeks in advance and reservations of full shuttles will receive priority. Call the shop if you want to book further out than two weeks. 
  • When using the online reservation system, if a particular date is greyed-out, a shuttle is not available. This is for one of two reasons: 1) the available shuttle that day has been fully booked or 2) we do not have a shuttle and driver available that day. This would be the same result even if you call the shop, so save yourself the phone call. 
  • Reservations should be made with the name on the credit card used, in case of a refund.
  • We can only take FOUR eBikes on each shuttle.
  • 4pm shuttle only for car retreival or very experienced riders due to earlier sunsets.


  • There is no gas in Downieville! Fill up before you get here.
  • In Downieville, please park here.
  • No dogs. They will not be watched by anyone at the shop. Don't leave them in the car. If you do not have a safe place for your dog while you are gone for many hours, don't bring them.

Heckler e-bike riders on the Sierra Crest

Santa Cruz Heckler e-bike on the Sierra Crest