Santa Cruz Heckler MX & Bullit - Expand Your Adventure Bubble

We are fortunate to have the first Santa Cruz eBike demo fleet in the nation!

You can come try one for $200 per day in the Lost Sierra where miles of ebike legal trails are ready to ride. Here are the ebike rental demo rates:

  • EBike Rental Demo: $200 per day – expand your adventure bubble beyond the realm of what you thought possible
  • Extra Battery Rental: $40.00 per day – for 5-8 hour mega rides such as Chimney Rock and Empire Creek in Downieville.
  • "Ride before you Buy" and Support our Trail Program – if you demo a Hecker and love it, your $200 rental demo fee goes directly toward the purchase of the bike

Set Up Professionally, Just For You.

We have pro mechanics on-hand to make sure that your Hecker rental demo ebike is dialed-in and ready to explore the Lost Sierra. After each run, these bikes are meticulously checked and tuned to prepare for the next rider.

Santa Cruz Heckler MX

Even more to heckle

The Heckler is about expanding your own trail map - accessing previously unreachable trails, unlocking less-used trails, and doing so independently. The full carbon frame and interchangeable 504wh battery keep the weight down compared to bikes with larger batteries but it's fast and easy to put in a fresh battery for even bigger, longer days.

  • 29" front, 27.5" rear mullet
  • RockShox Pike Select+, 140mm, 29"
  • FOX Float Performance Elite DPS
  • SRAM GX Eagle
  • Shimano 504Wh Integrated Battery
  • Shimano Drive Unit DU-EP800
  • Detailed info at Santa Cruz Bikes

Reserve a demo bike now!

Santa Cruz Heckler MX Bike

Santa Cruz Bullit

What goes up, loves coming down

The Bullit is designed for tackling the steepest and deepest of trails in both directions. Imagine the kinds of rooty, rocky, horror fests usually reserved for our biggest hitting bikes like the Nomad and Megatower. Then imagine what lies beyond that.

  • 29" front, 27.5" rear mullet
  • FOX 38 Float Performance E-Tune, 170mm, 29"
  • RockShox Super Deluxe Select+
  • SRAM GX Eagle
  • Double Down tires
  • Shimano 630Wh Integrated
  • Shimano Drive Unit DU-EP800
  • Detailed info at Santa Cruz Bikes

Reserve a demo bike now!

Santa Cruz Bullet Bike

Ride New (To You) Downieville Trails on E-Bikes!

Our Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship Pro Trail Crew has been hard at work, making sure the trails are in tip-top condition and ready for your visit. Trails like Halls Ranch, Fiddle Creek Ridge and Empire Creek are usually long XC lung busters, however on an ebike these trails become fun yet challenging rides - in and out of the river canyons around Downieville.

Another classic loop is up First Divide, up Second Divide, and Third Divide. If you rent a spare battery, you might even try going out and back on Big Boulder to snowline. These trails are ebike legal and open pending snowfall and trail conditions.

And be sure to check out the Lure for riverside accommodations.

E-bike range map of Downieville
E-bike Range Map - click to Enlarge

Friends riding the Santa Cruz Heckler Bike along a ridgeline

Tours Coming in Summer 2021

Yuba Expeditions and Sierra Buttes Trail Stewardship are the first to receive an ebike Guide Outfitter Permit for the Tahoe National Forest. With this honor, we are planning limited trips in 2020 to refine the ebike experience and document adventures through photos and videos. Destinations targeted for these 2020 limited trips include: Downieville and Quincy.

Ride the area's most spectacular and remote singletrack trails. Visit forgotten mining towns and chill out at one of several world-class swimming holes along the Yuba River.

Friends riding Santa Cruz Heckler Bikes in the remote mountains

National Forest official ebike symbol

Yuba Expeditions is operating under Special Use Permit in partnership with Tahoe National Forest, Yuba River Ranger District.


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